the perfect man

i saw like my perfect man today. pooja had gone out and drank with this guy erik, and he was passed out on her couch. well, she wanted to go to taco bell, so i offered to wake him up. she pulled back the blanket, to reveal this beautifully goofy boy. his shorts were riding low, revealing his calvin klien boxer briefs. his gray purdue shirt was ruffled up, and i could see his hard belly, with a great little happy trail. i literally gasped. sure, he was drunk, and his face was red from smashing it on the table, but he turned over and smiled and my knees went weak. his sexy body overtook me, and his muscular arms caught my eye and i almost drooled. he stood up, and he was 6'7, i know cuz i asked. i think tall guys are so fucking sexy, but being 6'3 myself, i don't really find taller guys much. i'm tired of leaning down to kiss someone! the night continued on, and we hung out for a while. i didn't want to, but i had to pull myself away to go study.

i'll probably never see him again. that just makes me feel worse. my family has apparently decided to disown me....god damn it. when will i stop fucking up my life?

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mr tickle said...

Hey sexy... happy 21 and glad you got to tongue so many guys.

I'm sure things will work out with time.