Entry into a world of pleasure...

i'm happy to unveil this new blog for me. the picture in my profile is obviously not me, it's tiago riani, a terra "the boy" model. personally, he's one of my favorites. basically i'm planning to take this blog in a few directions, but mostly just posting pictures of really hot men. hopefully you'll like it.

introducing: mateus verdelho
this hunk of meat is another terra boy. i really reccomend the site, especially if you like hot guys for your desktop. the site is below.


i'm rather partial to this photo b/c he looks like the boy i first had real feelings for when i was in high school. of course, he was younger, and not out, so things never really happened. though...one time we were traveling with our show choir, and had a 3 night stay to perform for branson showcase. me and (we'll call him) mark were roomies, and there was just 3 of us in our room. 2 beds, 3 boys, so we alternated sleeping alone. the night mark and i slept together, we both were wearing nothing but shorts. the tension inside of me just laying next to him was enough to get me hard. i laid there, imagining how it would feel to slide my hands over in bed and caress his strong, football player muscles, and climb on top. my mind imagined me sitting on his rock hard pole, still caged in his shorts, and madly pulling his hands behind his head and make out with his like i was a snake, and he was my prey. then, i slowly would run my tongue down his tight six pack, making sure not to miss a spot, finally reaching the top of his pants. i would slip my lips around his dick while still in his shorts to tease him. i hear him moan with pleasure and he flashed me a face that made me know he wanted me bad. finally, my tongue outlined the edges of his package, paying careful attention to his ballsack cuz he moaned so loud every time i touched it.
"mark, you'll have to be quieter. remember, he's sleeping in the other bed," i said
softly, so just to tantalize and tease, i lightly run my wet tongue up from his balls and up his rigid cock. i was impressed by his thick manhood...all i could think about is how i wanted him to penetrate my ass for the first time because it'd all be for love. he let out a long, exasperated breath, and then he roughly tosses me to the side with his hard muscles, and jumped on me. suddenly, he was on top of me....
'wait, what? he really is on top of me! it isn't a dream....ohhhhhh god!' i thought my brain was going to explode with excitement.
the realization comes that yes, he is on top of me, and ohhhh, it feels good, but, he's asleep. i feel bad, so i try to move him back, but he's heavy with all of those muscles. next, i sigh, mostly in relief, and realize that his crotch is right on top of my right hand. cautiously, i let my hand feel around, and i found his cock, and i groped it ever so gently as to not wake him up. my heart was racing so bad, and my breathed shallowed, and i realized i was so hard precum was just oozing out. i wondered if he was really awake, and liking the current events b/c we did flirt all the time. my cock was pressing hard on his thigh, and i knew he would be able to tell i was getting moist. surprise! he starts to get really really hard, and i'm just about to flip a lid. my curiosity continued, and i started pulling up his shorts from the bottom, and reaching up inside. my hand caressed his his throbbing cock, and he instantly sat up. i stared at him with fear and excitement in my eyes. he looked back with surprise, curiosity, and tiredness. he shoved over to his side of the bed, and it was over. i laid there with so many thoughts in my head wondering what he would do, and if he would remember.
then, after laying there for about 2 hours in sheer pleasure, excitement, and fear, sure enough, he rolled over on me again. this time i was just so happy for his touch, and i thought that he seriously had to know what he was doing, because i doubt that would randomly happen twice. instead of groping, i just decided to put my arms aroud him, and hold him as long as i could. that moment will be one of the most memorable times in my life. there, with him in my arms, everything melted away, and nothing existed except for me and mark in that bed, suspended in time...
ohhhh....what a nice night.

i close with a photo of lukas ridgeton, my favorite porn star. if i could have the perfect man, he would look just like him. he is a bel ami model, and can be found here.

Good day, all.

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