squirrels get more action than me...

i'm freaking sick and tired of people yelling through my fucking window. just because i live on the first floor, that doesn't mean you should yell in my window and scare the fuck outta me!

i've got to head home in a few hours, hopefully just for the night. i don't want to miss grand prix another year. plus, i didn't end up going out last night, so my party bone is itching.

god...i love tiago.

thanks to aron from men behaving badly for mentioning. i don't get much traffic since just started.

here's some hot boys to enjoy while i'm gone.
mateus verdelho
luke dennett
lukas ridgeston
thomas vincent
sean faris

i've really been enjoying the blog by jared at completely naked. though, i'm really confused at his situation. like he has all these stories and they talk about how much he loves nathan, but then he talks about having sex with other people. and i think they might live together with jeff. who knows...the gays are confusing.


Anonymator said...

Well, phoenix, you just scored yourself a fan of your blog! ;-). I'll be dropping by often! And do you mind if I link you? I hope not.

Sue said...

I am enjoying your blog! Keep up the good work. When will you be back from grand prix?

Jared's life is unique, mais vive la difference. N'est ce pas?