past recourse

awakened by loud sounds coming from somewhere, i turn over and realize, it's my alarm. i sit up to prepare for class, and suddenly...
'oh my lord, i'm still drunk! wait, what happened last night?'
i search the depths of my mind, and am surprised to find that i can recall the entire night. it went a little something like this...
after leaving a friends, completely exhausted by the weeks excursions, i planned to call it an early night. i got somewhat distracted on the computer, so i climbed in bed around midnight. watching some will and grace, the angel of sleep was getting closer. knock, knock, knock.
"are you alana's friend?" said the female voice.
"will you go to the front door?" she said.
searching for some clothing on the floor, i am filled with worry that maybe something bad has happened to alana. i open the door and find two stumbling girls, alana, and an unknown. drunked than an irish on st. patty's, they come in and convince me to come back to the apartment. agreed, i change and walk to the apartment just across the street. i enter and find 3 boys. shaking their hand, i instantly forget their names and head in the direction of the alcohol. half and half, rum wih coke, i get comfortable.
the tele was on, and most attentions were directed toward the cubs game. as it ended, it was time for a shot. ron rico rum...not the best. i use the remaining alcohol for another 50/50, and i start to feel the affects b/c i hadn't eaten all day. drink down, i take the drunk girl's cup, cuz she was passed out, and drink that. alana offered me her drink, and i drank that as well. then, i found a bottle of 50/50, and sucked on that. drunk girl, by the way, who was 17, leaves, and so does the hot boy. 3 of us left, we start drinking captain morgan. alana shoots one w/ me, and then i took two more.
it's getting late, so alana and i move downstairs to her apartment. there, we sat and talked, and i went through all her old alcohol bottles attempting to make some more shots. surprisingly, i made two more, and then we realize it's already 6am. i walk home, ate some popcorn and cheese, and retired for the night.
missing my class was bad, especially since i was to turn in my portfolio. hopefully i can get an extension.
then, the pain comes in as slow as a turtle walking home. eventually it piled up, and the pain was so unbearable. forcing water down to hydrate, i finally accompany the water with 3 tylenol pm's. it's a win/win really, i either was going to lose some pain, or sleep, and i succeeded.
awakening the second time, it's 8;37, so i watch some tv. at 10, i showered, and prepared myself to go out again. now, it's the wait for tonight's party.
this year's grand prix week is making me feel like a freshman again. luckily, i'm going home tomorrow, so i'll have one night to break the cycle....whew. party on!
the boy below looks like the hot boy at that apartment....body and all.

you're jealous you weren't at that party now, huh?

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