that loving feeling

yesterday i was cooking in the kitchen (louisiana red pepper chicken if you wondered), and i had a memory.

nervously i messaged him, asking if he'd like to join me for fajitas that evening. happy, i read that he'd "love to."
after asking my roommate if he could give us some private time, he arrived, wearing jeans and a tee, which i found rather sexy. walking up toward him, my hands met his face and i kissed him rather forcefully. surprised, he laughed after, because we're goofy like that. serious stuff wasn't our deal. i took the chips from his hand and made my way to the sizzling vegetables. i was focusing on the vegetables, and then a strong hand slipped around my stomach, which twitched at the surprised touch. his left hand was on my neck, which he was also kissing tenderly. i love it when he kisses my neck, and i moaned and started to get hard. i spun around and shoved him agaist the cabinets behind him, and dove into his mouth like a falling plane.
the kissing lasted quite a long time, until the sound of the sizzling pulled me away. he looked into my eyes, and smiled that goofy smile he loved to give me, and asked if he could help with anything. i gave him the task of browning the sirloin. side by side, talking about the day and laughing, i couldn't help to realize how nice it felt.
'i can't wait to live with someone and feel like this,' i thought.
after eating, i reached out to start cleaning up, and he grabbed my arm and pulled it away. after a soft kiss, he told me to relax and that he'd clean everything up. i just fell harder. i stood behind him, arms around his tight stomach, the entire time he washed the dishes. my favorite part of the night was heading up.
i picked him up, his legs straddling my hips, lips touching the others, and carried him to the bathroom. now, i told you we didn't like serious things, so when we hit the bed, we started wrestling. giggling and being foolish, i pinned him down hands over his head. he writhed underneath me trying to break free.
smiling, i said, "you might as well stop trying. i'm stronger than you."
"quit going to the gym so much, you're making me feel inferior." he chuckled.
"oh, you know you like it, otherwise you would've quit dating me a while ago," i said.
goofy smiled on, he leaned up to kiss me and i pulled away. he tried again, and i pulled away again.
i was still holding his hands above his head and he said, "please, don't tease me. i just want to be close to you."
hard-ons raging and rubbing together through our pants, i leaned down and whispered, "let me control you."
pulling away, i saw the fire in his dark, green, sexy eyes, and he couldn't help but smile.
swiftly, i pulled him up and his shirt came off with it. i took mine off and moved him around to my favorite position, him on my lap, facing me, legs straddling my torso, where i had complete control of him. i kissed his chest, and teased his nipples with my tongue; it drives him wild. running my hands through his dark hair, i kissed him hard like i would die if i fell off his lips.
then, i picked him up and threw him up by the pillows, and we laughed in unison. i ripped his clothes off, and dropped my trousers and boxers. standing in front of him, i just looked at him. his muscular arms were flexing as held himself up, moving toward broad shoulders. my gaze went down his body, and i was rock hard with excitement. i'd never felt passion before, and it's so fucking sexy. i noticed he was staring at my cock, with eager eyes like he was a child ogling at a new toy he wants. he knows better than to move, and his hands were shaking with anticipation. he looked up into my eyes, pleading without speaking to let him have it. i nodded and smiled, and he jumped down on the floor and had his mouth on my dick as fast as my next heartbeat. for being a newbie (i was the first guy he'd ever touched), he was rather good at giving head.
next, i pushed him against the wall and started fucking his face. he was gagging pretty bad, because i'm not necessarily "average," so i pulled away so he could compose himself.
i told him to lay on the bed, and i kissed him, then moved over to tongue his ear. he started moaning, loud enough that i was glad roomie wasn't home. dragging my tongue down his solid body, he arched his back because of the intense pleasure i was giving him. teasing his balls with my tongue and his ass with my finger, i finally gave him what he wanted. i took all of him at once, because i don't gag, and his legs started quivering. massaging his thigh with my left hand, i grasped his cock with the right, and mimicked the motion of my mouth. it didn't take long until he warned me he was gonna cum, and i pulled back and watched him squirt all over his belly, chest, and face. i laid down next to him, and he crawled down to my cock, now throbbing so hard i thought it might explode. he likes to give head, so i held back as long as i could before cumming.
he laid back next to me, and we compared the distance to see who shot farther. i always beat him in distance, but he wins at volume. he climed on top of me and pressed his face into mine. i didn't close my eyes, because we always played a little game where we try to catch the other with open eyes. he saw me and pulled back.
"stop! that's creepy!" he said.
"come here," I said while rolling him on his back. "look at me."
then, i slowly moved in, keeping my eyes on his, and we kissed. it was such an amazing feeling. i was overwhelmed with closeness, and it just felt spetacular to be able to look at someone like that.
we moved to the shower, where we lathered each other up. he always says i turn the water on too hot, so he turned it down. i am not used to such a low temperature, and it was winter, so i'm standing there, shivering. he noticed and held me close, so it was better.
still naked, we crawled in bed and started watching my season of queer as folk. after three episodes, he said he was tired. knowing him well enough, i knew this meant he wants to focus on me, and not the tele. we kissed for a long time, and i got hard again because kissing turns me on. he went down and serviced me again, this time taking my load down his throat. he usually couldn't go back to back, so i didn't need to do anything else to make him happy.
he rolled over and stuck his butt out, his body asking to be next to mine. i moved my right arm under his pillow, wrapped my left arm around his chest, folding my fingers into his, and intertwined our legs.
"you make me feel so safe..." he whispered.
and after quite some time, consciousness was drifting away, but i still heard it. he thought i was asleep. a soft voice said silently, "i love you."
i smiled, and kissed the back of his head. i fell asleep easily, because now, i was the one who felt safe...

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