phoenix has returned...

sorry for the brief post hiatus. i turned 21. 2 cuts on my hand, a bleeding toe, scraped elbow, and 2 bruises later, i'm alive....though, not proudly. i got kicked out of where else, and fell asleep in the street. i made out w/ my ex on friday, and most of my friends. saturday, i made out w/ my best girlfriend's fiance. yep 3 times. he liked it. he told her the next day, "now i know why you like kissing him so much!" haha.

finals on thursday. i'm pissed b/c i couldn't find anyone to go out w/ me yesterday.

slavco tuskaloski

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Sue said...

Happy Birthday! So, just out being your rowdy lil' self and getting into all kinds of trouble, eh? Well, welcome back. Hope you had yourself a wild time. :)