Still here...

Yep, he's still here. I saw him last weekend, and it was pretty fucking awesome. Previously I had made plans to go out for my friend's 21st birthday, but Zach was having a party so I wanted to go to that. Well, we comprised and did both. Zach ended up asking me to stay the night, and I drunkedly obliged. We drank, hung out, goofed around, watched Seinfeld...and then the kissing started. Yeah, it got pretty hot and heavy. Then I realized a few things.

I do not like the 69 position. I get to focused on what I'm doing to enjoy what is happening to me. I have a very unsensitive penis, so I really need to concentrate when someone is giving me head.

He ordered me to give him my first rim job. I was nervous, and had no clue what I was doing. He kind of talked me through it. I was surprised that it wasn't distasteful like I thought.

We were totally in the sex position, but we didn't have any condoms. I thought this was good, because I want to wait a little. I want it to mean something. I've never had sex with someone I was with.

He took me to lunch the next day, and it was nice. Though, he did drop a bomb on me that he wanted a kid.

Anyway...I haven't talked to him since...


Anonymous said...

I don't like 69 either for the same reason you don't. How can one be expected to concentrate?

Are things getting more serious that he is discussing kids already? You've only been with him twice, right?

He ORDERED you to rim him??? At least it was okay.

I hope you are having a good time none-the-less.

Hotguy said...

great story!