I seemed to have lost all of my readers. I guess that's what you get for taking an unannounced hiatus. I didn't announce it because it wasn't planned. I slid back into the darkness, and it had taken me over. I didn't feel like sharing this with anyone because it just seems so expected and incessant.

My birthday was on Sunday, so I am now 22. I'm getting ready to make some changes in my life, so I'm making sure I'm focusing on the future to make sure everything works out ok.


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Phoenix! I am still here. You post so infrequently it is difficult to stay with you. Plus, you never reply to comments, so it is very much of a one way street.

I can only imagine how it feels to know that the whole world is moving on without you. No, I take that back. Now that I am disabled, I do know how that feels. I haven't worked in several years now and I see the rest of the world going on with daily life. Earning increasing wages all of the time while mine stay fixed. I feel left behind. Do you think it is like that? Probably not.

But you are able and very young yet. Don't give up. Hey, some people get advanced degrees in their 40's or 50's. My brother is earning his masters at the ripe old age of 53. He didn't get his BA until he was 50 because he couldn't complete his English requirement. Now, there's a story. If you are lucky, life is long and boring! So, don't give up.

I hope you don't stop posting, because I still care what happens to you. Even though you have tried to shake your readers, I have stayed. But if you do stop posting, best of luck to you!

mr tickle said...

Thanks for writing. Learned something new reading your blog today.