I've returned

I hope the hiatus hasn't been too long. I had to reformat my computer and get everything working again, and I'm finally back! I will be writing in here more frequently, because my other blogging community has pissed me off, and I will not be returning. You may notice a few changes in the format of things here. I will be writing about my life experiences, posting poems and short stories, making fun of celebrities, and offering reviews of books, movies and music. Kisses to my readers, and I hope you welcome and enjoy the change.

Justin and I are no longer together. We just didn't match at all. It was a pretty good break-up, and we talked a little after that, but then out of nowhere, he went immature and blocked me online. It was immaturity like that that bothered me about him so much sometimes. I still plug a few sentences into his email or text messages, and he responds nicely and like we're friends, yet I'm still blocked. Sometimes I miss him, and then I remember that.

If you aren't already, I would advise you to become familiar with The Raveonettes. "Pretty in Black" is one of the best albums I've heard in a long time. They sort of remind me of a mixture of The Beatles and Blondie.

I went back to Purdue last weekend to see some old friends, and it turned out to be a pretty positive experience. It's funny how nothing ever changes there, like Purdue is some sort of time capsule where some sort of immaturity stays within. I felt like I had grown so much from the individuals I visited. I went hope with a sense of pride and sadness simultaneously. It seems that I left part of my youth in that town, and I think that's why I'm so emotionless now.

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Melbel said...

Why ARE the people at Purdue so immature?