The girlfriend's fine, I don't like you.

I just got around to finally listening to Avril Lavigne's new album, "The Best Damn Thing." What the hell was she thinking? I don't care how happy you are now that you're married, there's no need to stoop down to cheerleader level, airheaded girl lyrics. Her second album, "Under My Skin" proved to show that she was actually a decent enough singer, and that she was maturing in her music style with songs like "Nobody's Home," and "Slipped Away." Now she's basically running around in underwear with soccer socks on in her video for "Girlfriend," acting like she was actually the popular girl in high school. I guess her standing as "punk" was controversial enough, so maybe she just decided to say fuck it, and become a full blown pop idiot. What is up with this album cover too, are those scissors in her hair?
Summary: terribly catchy lyrics...for a 14 year-old girl, or fag.
2 stars

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