...and i wonder, is it worth it?
i look over to the boy next to me. the boy who stole my heart the first day i saw him in his mismatching cotton blends. he looked back at me, and i saw in his eyes that he loved me. yet somehow, he couldn't bring himself to actually do just that.
"i don't think i can hang out with you any more, matty," i said weakly.
"why do you say that?" he inquired.
"you made me love you. you didn't mean to, but your presence next to me was just enough to do so. i can't go on hurting like this, because when i look into your eyes, i can't handle masking the fact that i want you so badly inside, and it drives me nuts."
the silence was pounding so hard in my head, that i realized there actually was no silence, my heartbeat was just so out of control that's all i could hear while i was waiting for a reply....

more to be heard.

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Sue said...

Woohoo! I am waiting too. :)