It's always hard to say goodbye...

Recently I've discovered that I'm losing my best friend. Joy and I have known each other since 6th grade, and were inseperable for the longest of time.

She came to me and told me she has 6 months left.

6 months, and then she has a baby.

Now the decision has pretty much been made to leave her alone. I don't want to sit around and hear her debate about the color of the baby's room, which her and the husband have ruled against every color viewable in the visible spectrum.

Then comes the name. Oh yes, they're putting Achilles in the name. You're saying, what in the hell, right? You should be.

Anyway, Joy is MY friend. When I hang out with her, I want it to be us, not a 3some, and not anywhere near the good kind. Forever will I be in the shadow of their marriage, because I am not allowed this right, but now they're procreating, which I neither have the will or desire to do.

So I'm going to spend these six months with my friend Joy, and hope that her fetus is ok, but leave it out of the discussion. After birth, I will most likely slowly disappear. No no, I will DEFINITELY disappear. Children are just icky. And they can name it anything they want, but it's still not going to be a Hero to an entire nation.

Listen suggestion: Joseph Arthur- Devil's Broom

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Sue said...

I don't like babies either. I decided to never have children and I never did. No regrets. Achilles sucks as a name. But it is not like Joy is dying or anything. She will still be around if you need her, so don't cut her off totally. Buy her some nice baby gift and tell her you are happy for her and then you can slink off to a safe distance. Okay?