The conversation.

Justin: Hey there!
Me: Hi.
Justin: What's up?
Me: Nothing, I want to shoot myself. I'm babsitting. Please be nice, come over, and shoot me in the face. Please and thanks.
Justin: lol
Me: I'm gonna shower.
Justin: Later.

(I did that because I was already a little ticked off at him b/c all week he told me he was going to go out with us last night to the bar, and then didn't.)


Me: Back.
Justin: cool.
Me: What are your plans tonight?
Justin: Nothing.
Me: Oh, Awesome.
Justin: I know, right!
Me: I'm not doing anything either.
Justin: I think my roommates are home now, maybe.
Me: Ok, have fun.

slight pause in time.

Justin: Do you hate me?
Me: Not at all. Why?
Justin: I would if I were you.
Me: Why? Because you're avoiding me?

no response.

Me: lol, whatever. Go hang out with your roommates. Later.
Me: I will be here later if you want to talk.

time passes.

Justin: Ok.

time passes.

Justin: I just don't really know what to say. I never really felt a spark between us, and I was going to tell you that we should just be friends, but you were just so sweet so I thought I'd see where things led. Then I left to go home for break, and I actually missed you, and was excited to come back and see you. I love going out with you, and had a lot of fun last weekend, but then things got awkward. I don't know, I really think we just should be friends because I have a lot going on this semester, finishing school and such.

Me: I don't want to be friends.
Justin: Oh...um...Why?
Me: Because I'm already passed that point.
Justin: Oh.
Me: So, I will just let you go. See ya.

slight pause.

Me: Wait, why were things awkward?

no response.

Me: No no, don't do this. At least you could finish the conversation.
Justin: It just was when we were in bed.
Me: Um, ok.
Justin: But I really do have to go.
Justin: Sorry if I'm an ass.

Yeah...so I guess it's over. After this, I walked to the table to play cards with my friends and I couldn't talk, because I knew if I talked or even looked at them, I'd cry, so I just played a few rounds, shaking profusely, and then started to feel a little better. I told the girls the story, and they were just like "what an ass."

It all comes down to this. He thought it was awkward when we were in bed. So basically, he doesn't like the way I look naked. Shallow bastards. All of them. Shallow faggots.

Suggested Listen: BBMak- Ghost of You and Me

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Sue said...

You are right. He is shallow and a fool. You are better off without him. Now is when you give the other guy a ring to see if he is still interested.