The Night Before Life Goes On...

Tonight I'm having a party. It wasn't really my choice, but it was let known that it was being thrown for me. So I made up a guest list and sent out invites and stuff, and I can't help but feel a little down about who rvsp'd negatively. Some little part of my mind I guess was hoping someone like Zach or Justin would show up, and maybe I could mend a little something with them. I don't really like having people out there thinking ill of me, since already, just because I'm homosexual, that's happening anyway.

A lot has seemed to be leading up to this day. I did have my EEG this morning, but I won't find out until mid next week what it says.

As I once promised, I am going to start editing, "Written, With Love," and will soon post it on here for your reading pleasure. I'm not quite sure if I like the ending, but whatever. I will have to post it as a document, if I can do that...because it's kind of a long story.

I'm working on another, SHORT story called, "The Beast of Burden." I'll update!

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Sue said...

I hope the party was a blast!