Gay guys camp.

This past weekend I was subjected to a new part of the culture to which I belong. Here in Indiana there is a gay campground. Weird right? Most of the gays I know are like, "Ewwww, dirt!" No no, there's plenty of others. My friend Neil invited me to go down with him in his RV, so it wasn't really roughing it by all means. He said he would provide plenty of alcohol, so of course I was swayed. Why not meet some new people anyway? Driving into the place, after buying a membership, I visibly was the only one there under 30. I'm thinking, "Shit...It's just a bunch of old bears." Well, I guess they're out in their natural habitat, eh? Anyway, we set up camp and stuff, and come 4 o'clock, it was time for the first cocktail. Why not, right? There's really nothing else to do. Enter James Denton. No no, not really, but he looked just like him. Neil was yelling at him out the window, so he came over to talk to us. We were introduced, and basically after that I just stared. Neil was telling him that he should shave, because he was looking a little scruffy, and out of nowhere, I was like, "I think it's sexy." Awkward silence...."Ok...I need to use the facilities, and I walked away. Anyway, the drinking ensued, and I was actually being very responsible about it. I didn't want to get completely hammered, because I didn't know anyone there really, and it was a big huge group of gay guys, who which many of were naked. Actually, I did really well until nearly the end of the night. The jello shots were really what got me, but I remember all of it. Anyway, there's what they call, "The Chicken Coop," which is basically an old barn that they've turned into some sort of sex pit. I walked in, saw the porn playing on the tele, and the swing, wait no, they call it a "sling," that was hanging by it, and a picnic table which had been modified with some padding on it. I was like, "What's that for........Oh...." Silly me. They were like, "It's a good thing you're pretty...." Anyway, this new friend I had made, Andrew, and I went to the chicken coop, because I wanted to check out the selection of porn, to see exactly what was appropriate sex watching while using a sling. Mind you, the alcohol was affecting me, and I had the awesome idea of trying out the sling. So Andrew laaded me up into it (your legs go up in stirrups! It felt like I was going to give birth!), fully clothed, I might add. So I'm laying in it, and honestly, it was pretty damn comfortable. It felt like a hammock! Some old guy appeared in the doorway, and I hurriedly jumped out of it as fast as I could saying, "No no, I'm not here for that..." and stuff along those lines. Luckily, I shooed him away, and I decided it was time to leave the coop. Later, I was told of, "Fort Dicks," (which I thought they should dub Fort Dix, because it's more classy) which is basically a privacy fence around a picnic table, and guys go there at night-time for anonymous sex. It's not right really, or safe, but that sort of thing is quite common with our culture. Anyway, Andrew and I went to it, because I was curious as to what it looked like, and luckily, no one was in there. 2 guys eventually did come in later, but I was trying to make it a social event, trying to get their names and introduce myself. When I was greeted with looks of disdain, I decided it was best if I were to pop out of there, just to make sure nothing actually happened to me that I didn't want to allow. Actually, I ended up hanging out with one of those guys the next day, but didn't realize it until halfway through. It was pretty unnerving, but I still had fun. There was a lot more promiscuity, and approaches by older men than I would've wanted, but other than that, it was enjoyable, and I got to meet some new people.

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