It's a little bit funny...

It's a bit ridiculous trying to post at my house. My comptuer, plus the lack of a good connection speed, makes it almost an hour process to just publish one blog post.

I've been looking around lately, and thinking about getting in the dating pool once more. The thing is, all I seem to find are disappointments. Gay men, I swear, are the shadiest type of subculture there is. They are all full of promises, yet when it comes down to something realy, they flake out and disappear. This, of course, is basically referring to meeting people online. I'm not really a bar hopper, so I don't really have any place to meet any single men, so I get on chat rooms, mostly just gay.com. I have been bound to find many a good chat or two, but when it comes down to actually meeting or anything of the sort, the guy will suddenly get "kicked" offline, like that's even a valid excuse anymore. Honestly, how many people still use dialup? Or, I've even had it get so far that we will talk on the phone, and when it comes to getting directions to come pick them up, or something, their phone will miraculously die and I won't be able to get ahold of them again. Uh, hello, plug your damn phone in. It's not that hard.

A bit disappointing all around, but I've gotten cynically used to it.

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